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· 7 min read
John Reilly

People being able to discover your website when they search is important. This post is about how you can add structured data to a site. Adding structured data will help search engines like Google understand your content, and get it in front of more eyeballs. We'll illustrate this by making a simple React app which incorporates structured data.

title image reading "Structured data, SEO and React" with a screenshot of the rich results tool in the background

· 14 min read
John Reilly

When an application loads data, typically relatively few HTTP requests will be made. For example, if we imagine we're making a student administration application, then a "view" screen might make a single HTTP request to load that student's data before displaying it.

· 10 min read
John Reilly

Most applications I write have some need for authentication and perhaps authorisation too. In fact, most apps most people write fall into that bracket. Here's the thing: Auth done well is a *big* chunk of work. And the minute you start thinking about that you almost invariably lose focus on the thing you actually want to build and ship.

· 11 min read
John Reilly

Some people fear change. Most people actually. I'm not immune to that myself, but not in the key area of technology. Any developer that fears change when it comes to the tools and languages that he / she is using is in the wrong business. Because what you're using to cut code today will not last. The language will evolve, the tools and frameworks that you love will die out and be replaced by new ones that are different and strange. In time, the language you feel you write as a native will fall out of favour, replaced by a new upstart.