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· 48 min read
John Reilly

I'd like to tell you a story. It's the tale of the ecosystem that grew up around a language: TypeScript. TypeScript is, for want of a better description, JavaScript after a trip to Saville Row. Essentially the same language, but a little more together, a little less wild west. JS with a decent haircut and a new suit. These days, the world seems to be written in TypeScript. And when you pause to consider just how young the language is, well, that's kind of amazing.

· 5 min read
John Reilly

This a tale of things that are and things that aren't. It's a tale of semantic versioning, the lack thereof and heartbreak. It's a story of terror and failing builds. But it has a bittersweet ending wherein our heroes learn a lesson and understand the need for compromise. We all come out better and wiser people. Hopefully there's something for everybody; let's start with an exciting opener and see where it goes...