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Hi! I'm John Reilly - welcome! ❤️🌻

Who am I?

I‘m a software engineer, blogger, dawn photographer of Twickenham riverside and Hammerton‘s Ferry Terminal in particular, father, coffee lover, Christian and husband to the most wonderful Geordie wife there ever was! I live in London / Twickenham. I was born in Bristol and I was raised in Fleet.

I answer to "John", but online I‘m "johnnyreilly", "johnny_reilly" or similar. Mostly because way back when I was getting online, someone else had nabbed "johnreilly" first. In retrospect it turns out to be useful differentiation from the actor John C. Reilly that very much isn‘t me. (Look him up - he‘s great!)

I write the occasional travel blog(ish) as well. You can email me here.

What is this?

This started life on Blogger with the title "I can make this work" - which was a pun on ICANN. Not, if I‘m honest, the finest joke in the world. It‘s lived under a couple of domains since then. We‘re now pretty firmly on

These days it‘s mostly the blog of an open source software engineer. A great deal of "here‘s how I solved X". Some talks I‘ve given as well. Essentially, whatever I feel like putting out.

What do I do?

I blog and work on open source software. I‘ve more than ten years experience blogging and working on open source software. Open source software I work on has been used by GitHub! Some open source software I have worked on:

I wrote:

I was part of the merry band that started TypeScript Congress and was part of the initial Program Committee and an MC.

Where has this blog featured?