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· 7 min read
John Reilly

If we're provisioning resources in Azure with Bicep, we may have a need to acquire the connection strings and keys of our newly deployed infrastructure. For example, the connection strings of an event hub or the access keys of a storage account. Perhaps we'd like to use them to run an end-to-end test, perhaps we'd like to store these secrets somewhere for later consumption. This post shows how to do that using Bicep and the listKeys helper. Optionally it shows how we could consume this in Azure Pipelines.

· 5 min read
John Reilly

Managed Identity offers a very secure way for applications running in Azure to connect to Azure SQL databases. It's an approach that does not require code changes; merely configuration of connection string and associated resources. Hence it has a good developer experience. Importantly, it allows us to avoid exposing our database to username / password authentication, and hence making it a tougher target for bad actors.