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· 9 min read
John Reilly

How can we deploy resources to Azure, and then run an integration test through them in the context of an Azure Pipeline? This post will show how to do this by permissioning our Azure Pipeline to access these resources using Azure RBAC role assignments. It will also demonstrate a dotnet test that runs in the context of the pipeline and makes use of those role assignments.

title image reading "Permissioning Azure Pipelines with Bicep and Role Assignments" and some Azure logos

· 5 min read
John Reilly

Bicep is a terser and more readable alternative language to ARM templates. Running ARM templates in Azure Pipelines is straightforward. However, there isn't yet a first class experience for running Bicep in Azure Pipelines. This post demonstrates an approach that can be used until a Bicep task is available.

Bicep meet Azure Pipelines