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· One min read
John Reilly

I'm quite proud of this:

If you didn't know, I spend a good amount of my spare time hacking on open source software. You may not know what that is. I would describe OSS as software made with ❤ by people, for other people to use.

You are currently reading this on a platform that was built using OSS. It's all around you, every day. It's on your phone, on your computer, on your TV. It's everywhere.

It's my hobby, it's part of my work. This specifically was one of those tremendously rare occasions when I got paid directly to work on my hobby, with people much brighter than me. It was brilliant. I loved it; it was a privilege.

Here's to Open Source!

· 6 min read
John Reilly

Have you ever wondered what happens behind the scenes of open source projects? One that I'm involved with is ts-loader; a TypeScript loader for webpack. Yesterday was an interesting day in the life of ts-loader and webpack; things unexpectedly broke. Oh and don't worry, they're fixed now.

· 8 min read
John Reilly

Hands up, despite being one of the maintainers of ts-loader (a TypeScript loader for webpack) I have not been tracking webpack v2. My reasons? Well, I'm keen on cutting edge but bleeding edge is often not a ton of fun as dealing with regularly breaking changes is frustrating. I'm generally happy to wait for things to settle down a bit before leaping aboard. However, webpack 2 RC'd last week and so it's time to take a look!