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· 3 min read
John Reilly

This is just a quick post - the tl;dr is this: jQuery Validation Globalize has been ported to Globalize 1.x. Yay! In one of those twists of fate I'm not actually using this plugin in my day job anymore but I thought it might be useful to other people. So here you go. You can read more about this plugin in an older post and you can see a demo of it in action here.

· 10 min read
John Reilly

Globalize has hit 1.0. Anyone who reads my blog will likely be aware that I'm a long time user of Globalize 0.1.x. I've been a little daunted by the leap that the move from 0.1.x to 1.x represents. It appears to be the very definition of "breaking changes". :-) But hey, this is Semantic Versioning being used correctly so how could I complain? Either way, I've decided to write up the migration here as I'm not expecting this to be easy.

· 6 min read
John Reilly

Updated 05/10/2015

If you're after a version of this that works with Globalize 1.x then take a look here.

Updated 27/08/2013

To make it easier for people to use the approach detailed in this post I have created a repository for jquery.validate.globalize.js on GitHub here.

This is also available as a nuget package here.

To see a good demo take a look here.