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· 5 min read
John Reilly

As I've started making greater use of JavaScript to give a richer GUI experience the amount of JS in my ASP.NET apps has unsurprisingly ballooned. If I'm honest, I hadn't given much consideration to the code quality of my JavaScript in the past. However, if I was going to make increasing use of it (and given the way the web is going at the moment I'd say that's a given) I didn't think this was tenable position to maintain. A friend of mine works for Coverity which is a company that provides tools for analysing code quality. I understand, from conversations with him, that their tools provide static analysis for compiled languages such as C++ / C# / Java etc. I was looking for something similar for JavaScript. Like many, I have read and loved Douglas Crockford's "JavaScript: The Good Parts"; it is by some margin the most useful and interesting software related book I have read.So I was aware that Crockford had come up with his own JavaScript code quality tool called JSLint. JSLint is quite striking when you first encounter it: