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· 3 min read
John Reilly

This is just a quick post - the tl;dr is this: jQuery Validation Globalize has been ported to Globalize 1.x. Yay! In one of those twists of fate I'm not actually using this plugin in my day job anymore but I thought it might be useful to other people. So here you go. You can read more about this plugin in an older post and you can see a demo of it in action here.

· 4 min read
John Reilly

So, you're looking at jQuery.Validation.Unobtrusive.Native. You're thinking to yourself "Yeah, I'd really like to use the native unobtrusive support in jQuery Validation. But I've already got this app which is using jquery.validate.unobtrusive.js - actually how easy is switching over?" Well I'm here to tell you that it's pretty straightforward - here's a walkthrough of how it might be done.

· 3 min read
John Reilly

I love jQuery Validation. I was recently putting together a screen which had a lot of different bits of validation going on. And the default jQuery Validation approach of displaying the validation messages next to the element being validated wasn't working for me. That is to say, because of the amount of elements on the form, the appearance of validation messages was really making a mess of the presentation. So what to do?

· 6 min read
John Reilly

Updated 05/10/2015

If you're after a version of this that works with Globalize 1.x then take a look here.

Updated 27/08/2013

To make it easier for people to use the approach detailed in this post I have created a repository for jquery.validate.globalize.js on GitHub here.

This is also available as a nuget package here.

To see a good demo take a look here.