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· 4 min read
John Reilly

I thought as I start the NgValidationFor project I'd journal my progress. I'm writing this with someone particular in mind: me. Specifically, me in 2 years who will no doubt wonder why I made some of the choices I did. Everyone else, move along now - nothing to see. Unless the inner workings of someone else's mind are interesting to you... In which case: welcome!

· 6 min read
John Reilly

Updated 05/10/2015

If you're after a version of this that works with Globalize 1.x then take a look here.

Updated 27/08/2013

To make it easier for people to use the approach detailed in this post I have created a repository for jquery.validate.globalize.js on GitHub here.

This is also available as a nuget package here.

To see a good demo take a look here.